Meet the next generation of clean. Allow Cocoa Blu's cleaning team to elevate your space to the next level of comfort.

Welcome. My name is Cocoa & I'd like to introduce you to my labor of love... my high caliber cleaning team Cocoa Blu. 

- Cocoa


Weekly Program

The maintenance services included in our Weekly Program was designed for those clients who wish to spend as little time as possible maintaining the cleanliness & order of their home. They're either too busy to do the work or just don't wish to be bother with it. Either way, our very professional...very thorough Cocoa Blu Weekly Program in conjunction with our well trained team members are well equipped to consistently create the comfortable well kept environment our clients have come to expect from us. Cocoa Blu Signature Services includes Couch Care, Lemon Drop, Power Dusting & so much more. Domestic freedom is but a phone call away. Call 407.545.0153 now to schedule your personal introduction.

starting at $80

Biweekly Program

Our Biweekly Program is our most popular program. Why? Because it's packed with many of the quality services that are enjoyed by our weekly programmers, still it's a little gentler on the budget. This particular Cocoa Blu Program is also a favorite because it allows our subscribed clients to drastically decrease their home cleaning load. Many of which admitting to having to do very little to no cleaning at all on most days. This program is perfect for those of us who may wish to clean but not have cleaning be mandatory. Make your cleaning responsibility less of a responsibility. Call 407.545.0153 now to schedule your personal introduction.

starting at $80


Monthly Program

Although this program option is served once every 28 days it is still effective in providing our Cocoa Blu standard of clean. Our Monthly program works best for those clients who may not occupy their homes often do to occupations that require frequent traveling or clients who want a professional cleaning to compliment their own cleaning efforts. This particular program is also great for clients who may be on a budget. Whatever the reason, our Monthly Program is still a client pleaser. Call 407.545.0153 now to schedule your personal introduction.

starting at $85


Relax & enjoy your Cocoa Blu clean


From cleaner air to safer surfaces, Cocoa Blu's Signature Cleaning Programs were designed to provide each client with improved physical & mental health as well as a crisp & fresh professional clean. Our sincere interest in humanity allows us to execute our daily tasks with zeal. Yes. We're passionate about clean. I, myself, am a self diagnosed neat freak. I've always been one. I'll always be one. My obsession is my gift to you.

- Cocoa



A small boutique cleaning service offering it's clients huge cleans.


Yes. We're a cleaning team like no other. Partly because we're fueled by a strong desire to consistently introduce & reintroduce each & every one of our clients to the blissful benefits of our well rounded Cocoa Blu clean.

- Cocoa



We've worked hard to establish our stellar reputation.


We offer upscale cleanliness at competitive prices. But please don't take my word for it. Check out what our clients have to say about Cocoa Blu.

- Cocoa



This company has given me a new lease on life. I've been disabled for 18 mo. & my house has suffered. After praying, God sent me Cocoa Blu. Everything they do is done with excellence. I'm proud to open the door & let people in again.

- Joanne C.

Good morning! Just wanted to say thank you for a beautiful clean! We absolutely love it!
— Camille D.

They are always on time, they even send a reminder a day before text to let you know they will be there. They clean and organize. They even leave a note when they are done to let you know what they have done. Great communication and I trust them to be at the home even if I am not home. They are very flexible on their timing and what kind of work you need from them. I am truly impressed with them. Very consistent with their work. They are very respectful with our home.

                                      - Melissa A.

...I’ve had other cleaning services in the past and they left much to be desired and quite frankly, they pale in comparison. What else can I say except Cocoa Blu knocks it out the park everytime and has exceeded my expectation. Thanks guys!
— Jah Solomon W.

I am just reaching home and it smells so fresh and clean! Screaming YES YES!!!! I will be on a Cocoa Blu "Keep It Clean" plan, lol. I am going bananas with excitement!!!! Thank you soooo much!!!! I definitely suggest, if you don't have time to clean, invest well for great service with Cocoa Blu!!! Love, love, love it!!! Can't wait for children to see! Yay!!!! Well worth it!!!!

                                  - Nakia T.

The house looks great!
— Ines L.

I have known her for a long time; initially she was working for another company and then started her own company and I can honestly say that she is amazing! She always goes the extra mile to make sure you are happy, she is professional, organized, she cares that she does a good job and just wants to make her customers happy. She does an excellent job and is better then any other service that I have ever had.

                                - Marty A.

I am sooooo glad I called Cocoa Blu, they are a superior cleaning service. They are health conscious about people's health and the chemicals that are being used. Cocoa Blu is very thorough and detailed about each clean and I am so glad I called them. My children and I see and feel the difference once they are completed and I would HIGHLY recommend Cocoa Blu to any and everyone looking to have their home cleaned either one time or continual. Trust me it is well worth the money. They are very professional, kind, and communication skills are outstanding. Thank you Cocoa Blu see you next time.

                                  - Annette M.

Very particular and prompt.
— Priyanka M.
Very impressed with my initial cleaning. They did an excellent job! I will definitely keep them on a monthly basis.
— Barbara L.

They are very reliable, polite, they have great communication. They are very nice to have around. They really go above and beyond for me.

                                      - Christina K.

I was more than impressed with her work. I came home and I thought it was a different house! She does a lot of little details here and there that shows she cares about the customer. She helped even with giving me some advice around the home that I should do for the future. I am happy to recommend her to anyone!

                                      - Leroy J.

I also wanted to tell you what a wonderful job your firm is doing in our home. Indeed you are the finest cleaning crew we have ever had.
— Cathy O.
Good morning! Thank you so much for my clean! My house smells so fresh and looks great.
— Sabrina D.

She is awesome and just does impeccable work. Very personable and professional. Very trustworthy, I have never had an issue with her at the house alone.

                                       - Deidra P.

I would highly recommend Cocoa Blu for their professionalism and the excellent results in cleaning a challenged house. I definitely will use their services again.

If you want your home to look and smell delightfully clean, call them and schedule your appointment.

                                      - Linda W.

Dependable, good service, friendly, polite employees.
— Jonathan B.

Having four children keeps me cleaning. It is always a "recharge" when you come to visit. Without my monthly clean I would never be able to keep my house clean! Thank you Blu!

                                  - Ashley M.

5 Stars.
— Carrie H.

They do an awesome job, very detailed. They did exactly what I asked of them. I trust them at the home even when I am not there.

                                    - Brandy G.

One reason why you should choose Cocoa Blu


We take health & clean very seriously. Why? Because clean environments attribute to a better quality of life. Clean environments have actually been scientifically proven to boost our physical & mental health. I'm not talking about the "cleans" they promote on television. I'm talking about an actual clean. A clean using little to no harsh chemicals & the use of microfiber technology. A Cocoa Blu Clean. In short, our passion for home & humanity is why you should make Cocoa Blu your choice for clean & care.

- Cocoa


Phone: (407) 545-0153